2020 Bathroom Trends

Change is healthy, it allows you to embrace new experiences. Things around the world are changing rapidly and they stop for no one. Remodeling is no exception; new trends seem to appear yearly.

Remodeling your home is a great way to add pleasure and enjoyment to your home without having to change your location. While not all remodels might add utility, some are simply undertaken for aesthetic pleasure.

Let’s look at some bathroom trends for 2020!

Integrated lighting

Think of the typical lighting in your average bathroom: you’re probably thinking of a simple lighting fixture above the vanity mirror or a city lamp. If this is what came to mind, think again; lighting in 2020 is undergoing a great transformation. Instead of the traditional light fixture, people are opting for more unorthodox lighting. Mirrors now are coming equipped with built-in lights on the back, offering a soft light and a glowing look.


back lit mirror


One of our personal favorite bathroom lighting trends is under-cabinet lighting. It’s a great way to brighten your footpath and to show off that beautiful flooring. It can be also used as a nightlight when you don’t want to absolutely blind yourself while using the bathroom at 4 am.

The most unorthodox method of lighting we’ll cover today is a chandelier. Yes, a chandelier in your bathroom. Perfect for a bathroom with slightly higher ceilings than average, a chandelier will offer a new method of illumination while screaming “luxury”. Homeowners seem to be placing their chandeliers directly over their freestanding tubs, a trend we will dive into a little later.

Marble everything

Seriously, everything. A trend that crept its way onto our list was marble surfaces in your bathroom. For smaller bathrooms, homeowners have been switching it up by using marbleized wallpaper, a perfect design that will leave all your guests aghast. Providing a beautiful contemporary look, marbleized wallpaper is a more cost-effective remodel than purchasing/installing slabs of marble.

Marble has started to expand its reach beyond countertops. As discussed in our last blog, homeowners have begun installing marble solid slab backsplash instead of the traditional tile backsplash in their kitchens, and bathrooms are following suit. Yes, that means marble walls and marble showers. Why? Because marble brings a luxe and upscale feeling to your throne room, all while increasing your homes’ value.


marble sink


Freestanding Tubs

Yes, we told you we would dive into this trend a little later, and we keep our word.

Imagine this, after a long, fulfilling day of work, you finally arrive home. While you wait for your freestanding tub to fill up with water of the perfect temperature, you might throw on some Elton John, Whitney Houston, or even some 50 Cent (we won’t judge). After applying some bubbles, or maybe not, you hop into what is a soothing and relaxing end to your day.

In 2017 it was a bad time to be a tub. Often replaced with a stand-up or walk-in shower, tubs began to fall in popularity. While bathtubs may never see the popularity they once used to enjoy, it passed the baton to its younger brother, the freestanding tub.

In addition to having a walk-in or open-concept shower, homeowners are also adding a freestanding tub. Curbed spoke to multiple prestigious design firms and found that 90% of homeowners requested freestanding tubs in their bathroom renovations last year. Book a room at any illustrious hotel and you will find a freestanding tub in the bathroom. They’re becoming a hot ticket item, and for good reason.


freestanding tub



We at TR Design Build love technology, and this trend puts a smile on our faces.

How smart can a bathroom get? Well, let’s talk about the floor first. Heaters under your floor can be activated at any time of your choosing; no longer do you need to wear socks or flip-flops to combat a cold bathroom floor. They can be preset to heat your floor as soon as you wake up so that when you drag yourself to the bathroom to get ready for the day, you won’t have cold feet.

The throne is getting some major upgrades. Automatically flushing toilets are already common, but have you heard about heated toilet seats? Common across Asia, toilets now come equipped with spritzing wands and automatic dryers, making using a toilet a hands-free experience.

Let’s talk faucets. Smart faucets can be preset to the temperature of your choosing and can be activated with only a touch. Not only does this reduce your water bill, but it’s also one less surface you must touch after washing your hands.


Nothing is immune to change; remodeling is no exception. Trends will forever be changing; pushed forward by the bold and brave.

While most of these remodels can be a DIY project, do not hesitate to call TR Design Build if you run into some difficulty. We can certainly answer any questions you might have and would love to personally help with any bathroom remodeling project.

Thank you for reading our weekly blogs. Please reach out with topics you would like us to tackle in our future blogs!