2020 Home Trends-Kitchen Barn Doors

Designing your home once it’s built, or from conception, can be a difficult task. The internet has allowed homeowners access to trends from all over the world, the possibilities being endless. But with great power comes great responsibility. Homeowners must be careful when selecting trends to be incorporated in their home. Take it from us, few things worse than selecting a hot trend to incorporate in your home, then seeing it go obsolete over a few years. Homeowners must understand the difference between a fad, and a trend that’s built to last.

In today’s spotlight, we are going to examine the barn door.


Barn doors are great at saving space since they do not swing open, utilizing every square foot. They’re very practical when it comes to saving space and dividing two large rooms. Available in a variety of options (single, bi-parting, and bypass), they’re a great option for any size room. Also because they’re highly customizable and available in a plethora of designs, they can fit the style of any home.


Barn Doors - TR Design Build Pro


Aesthetics. Barn doors have an interesting appeal to them, often being a unique focal point; they are by no means common or ordinary. Barn doors are installed on a track and are very light, making them a great option for people of all abilities.



Legend goes that if you whisper the words “pocket door”, somewhere on this earth a contractor shivers a little. Barn doors are a great alternative to pocket doors, infamous for being a massive pain. For starters, the nature of their design requires an opening double the size of the door; the opening will be covered with the wall finish material. This means the wall will not contain studs, rendering the opening weak and flimsy. And don’t even get us started on the functionality of pocket doors; they often fall off the tracks, get stuck, don’t lock well, and tend to screech.

Barn doors are not ideal for bathrooms or bedrooms since the doors cannot be locked. This also means they do not allow complete privacy, nor do they block all odors. Some maintenance, like with all other doors, may be required to keep the doors moving properly and quietly.


We are not a design firm but based on our judgment, barn doors are here to stay, just don’t go crazy with them.

Like everything else, barn doors do have cons and limitations. If done properly, barn doors can add a fascinating and unique flavor to any size home.

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