2020 Kitchen Trends

Screaming “luxury” in any size kitchen, a solid slab backsplash does not have to drain your wallet. Instead of tile, a slab backsplash is made up of one massive piece of stone, or several large pieces if you must include breaks for cabinets or appliances. Often the countertop will be matched with the backsplash, creating a large, strong, and bold look that will catch the eye of anyone in your home.




If you want a beautiful look without a not-so-beautiful budget, you have two options. First, you do not have to choose a 100% natural stone slab, engineered material will do the trick and help save you some money. The engineered stone consists of crushed stone held together by some type of adhesive, as opposed to purchasing a 7ft or 9ft granite slab. Your second option is to cover a smaller surface area. The most popular option consists of only covering the space between the range and the hood, sparing the rest of the walls.


It’s no secret that the island is the centerpiece, and arguably, the most important feature of any kitchen. While technically an island isn’t the best use of your open kitchen space, we can still make it very functional. Creating space, not just taking up space, is the name of the game. Try adding cabinets/racks/drawers which can help free up some countertop space.




Rolling islands have become a topic of discussion (okay maybe not for everyone). A rolling island is simply an island on wheels, thus earning the name “rolling”. Convenient for smaller kitchens, rolling islands are more affordable and create for workspace in your kitchen. The fact that they are mobile allows for space to be created when there are a lot of people in the kitchen, or it can be rolled out into the living room and used as a bar.

Since it is mobile, it’s not as stable as a traditional island and is prone to tipping over.

Smart kitchen

It’s 2020 and technology is booming. Elon Musk is safely launching AND landing rockets and for roughly $200 you can decode your DNA; it’s a great time to be alive. Technology in the kitchen might not be as advanced, but it’s much more practical for you.

Smart touch faucets allow for the faucet to be used with only a gentle touch, meaning you won’t get the faucet dirty as often. Smart refrigerators now come equipped with large screens that can allow you to create a shopping list and lets you keep an inventory of your fridge/freezer. Bluetooth crockpots allow you to check and change the temperature of your food, meaning you can cook food away from home. Simply put, technology is constantly making our lives easier, and you have to look no further than your kitchen to find it.

Steel hoods

The primary use of a hood is to ventilate the kitchen of all food smells outside of the home. Recently hoods have been used for more than just their main purpose; a lot of people use them in their kitchen for the aesthetic. Especially since open concepts have been taking over homes across the United States, kitchens are now open for the whole house to see, meaning kitchen design is as important as ever. A steel hood can make a loud statement since it will provide a nice break from all the wood cabinetry, making your kitchen POP.


kitchen hood



Plain white is out, pops of color are in. Even though white will never go out of style, no longer do kitchens have to be painted in boring, dull colors. According to Sebring, we will start to see colors of the earth in the kitchen, such as nautical blue and bold green.

If you do not want to fully dive into this color trend, experimenting with colored cabinets can offer some diversity in the kitchen without compromising the walls. A second alternative could include different-colored appliances such as dishwashers or microwaves. Adding color to the island is another alternative to painting your walls.


Kitchens are becoming more than just a place to cook; they’ve also become a space for entertainment. Kitchens have become the focal point of the home, so having an attractive and functional kitchen is essential.

While all these trends can be a DIY project, never hesitate to call Total Restore for any inquiries or a kitchen remodeling estimate!

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