Essential Bathroom Remodeling Tips for Seniors

Making your bathroom senior-friendly is a great way to ensure that your loved ones stay safe and comfortable. Since bathrooms are the most private spaces in your home, it’s essential to protect against potential danger and hazards. TR Design Build has named our top picks for making your bathroom safe and accessible for seniors. Designing a bathroom that’s both safe and welcoming to the elderly is much easier than you may have imagined.

Essential Bathroom Remodeling Tips for Seniors

Essential Bathroom Remodeling Tips for Seniors

Tip #1 – First Floor Access

Avoiding a trip up or down the stairs is an excellent first step toward making your bathroom the most senior-friendly that it can be. Recent studies have shown that as many as one out of three seniors aged 65 years or older experience a fall each year. First-floor bathrooms are essential for minimizing the risk of falls. In the event that this is not possible in your home, installing a chair lift for access to a second floor is another option to consider.

Tip #2 – Grab Bars

Related to the staggering statistic on senior falls each year, installing grab bars throughout the bathroom is another step you can take to make your bathroom safe for seniors. If an individual with poor balance attempts to steady themselves without access to grab bars, they could end up grabbing items like a wall-mounted sink, shower curtain rod, or a towel rack. Since these items aren’t designed to hold an individual’s weight, the potential for injury remains present. Instead, install grab bars securely to the wall, tub rim, or fixtures in the bathroom.

Tip #3 – Non-Slip Bathroom Mats

One of the least costly and least invasive tips to make your bathroom safe for seniors is to add non-slip bathroom mats both inside and outside of the shower. Continuing our efforts to reduce the chances of slipping and falling, these types of mats prevent individuals from encountering slippery tiles. You could also place a non-slip mat or additional adhesive strips near the sink, another high-traffic area where someone may encounter standing water. Each step that you can take towards preventing slips and falls in the bathroom goes a long way toward protecting the safety of seniors.

Tip #4 – Proper Lighting

Struggling to find their way around the bathroom in the dark is a recipe for disaster for seniors. At a bare minimum, ensure that your bathroom has a reliable nightlight installed near the main walkway. Better still, take this opportunity to upgrade your bathroom with LED lighting that’s both brighter and more energy efficient compared to older fixtures. Making it simple for your loved ones to find their way in, around, and out of your bathroom is a great step toward making your home safe and welcoming.

Tip #5 – Raised Toilet Seat & Shower Seat

Giving your guests a safe and secure place to sit inside the bathroom helps to minimize the risks associated with a slip and fall scenario. Raised toilet seats help individuals raise and lower themselves onto a standard height toilet. ADI-compliant and easy to install, these seats usually feature brackets, grab handles, and a locking mechanism that attaches securely. Similarly, shower seats provide assistance when bathing and work great when paired with an adjustable shower head.

If you would like special accommodations to be made to your bathroom remodeling project in Northeast Ohio, TR Design Build is happy to work with you to ensure that your needs are met. Our team has the knowledge, dedication, and friendly hands-on service you simply won’t find anywhere else. Contact us today to schedule your senior bathroom remodeling consultation!

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