Choosing the Perfect Flooring For Your Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling your bathroom is certainly an exciting process. Whether you’re simply considering the idea or you’re developing your remodeling strategy – choosing the right type of bathroom flooring is an important step. With so many options to choose from, picking the right flooring for your bathroom can seem challenging at first. Don’t panic! TR Design Build has created this quick reference guide that lists some of the best and most popular bathroom flooring options for your remodeling project. From stylish and sleek to durable and long-lasting – there are options to suit virtually any budget and lifestyle. Let’s get started!

Choosing Bathroom Flooring

Choosing Bathroom Flooring

Laminate and Wood Bathroom Flooring

Combining a timeless look with a budget-friendly price, wood and laminate flooring are excellent options for a remodeled bathroom. Both inviting and warm, engineered wood features genuine wood veneer that’s backed by plywood for outstanding humidity resistance. Homeowners can also choose from a variety of prefinished options that are naturally water-resistant and durable. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, consider laminate bathroom flooring! Featuring the same look as authentic wood, laminate is even more resistant to scratches and wear. It’s also significantly more water-resistant, making it a great choice for your new bathroom.

Tile Flooring

Ceramic tile has remained one of the most popular choices for bathroom flooring for a wide range of reasons. First, you can’t ignore the clean and classic look made possible by tile. Naturally waterproof and stain-resistant, it’s perfectly suited for a bathroom environment. From various different patterns and color combinations to finishes and sizes – tile is great for adding a personal touch as well. Some other factors to consider include the difficulty of the specific pattern and type of tile used. Both of these can require more expensive installation and certified slip-resistant tile is important for safety. However, tile remains an extremely versatile bathroom flooring option.

Linoleum or Vinyl Flooring

Perhaps the most affordable option for bathroom flooring is the vinyl and linoleum category. You can’t ignore the tremendous benefits of these types of flooring which include their stain resistance, water resistance, and easy-clean durability. When installed using foam or felt backing, vinyl and linoleum flooring offers a much softer feel compared to harder materials like wood or tile. Available in a wide range of colors and finishes, these types of floors are widely available for those working with a budget.

Bamboo Flooring

Searching for a sustainable, eco-friendly flooring solution for your remodeled bathroom? Engineered bamboo flooring is the ultimate solution thanks to its renewability and affordability. The natural construction of bamboo is extremely durable and perfectly suited for wet environments like your bathroom. Typically available at half the cost of conventional hardwood, bamboo is simple to install. Better still, any damaged pieces can easily be repaired if scratched or broken.

Cork Flooring

Another sustainable option for bathroom flooring is cork. Constructed from bark, cork is naturally resistant to water, mildew, and mold. Other advantages include its unique look and ultra-soft texture, making it an appealing alternative to other types of flooring materials. It’s important to leave the installation to a professional since the unique structure of cork requires some extra design features to prevent water from seeping into the subfloor. Ideally, cork is best suited to below-grade bathrooms for maximum effectiveness and usability.

Trust the Experts at TR Design Build for Bathroom Flooring Installation

Now that you’ve learned all about the various bathroom flooring options available for your remodeling project, our team at TR Design Build can help you choose the best option for your specific needs. We can help you choose a flooring solution that’s cost-effective to meet your budget concerns. Better still, we’ll recommend the type of bathroom flooring that offers the best look to complement the redesigned space and your long-term vision for your bathroom. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for a consultation!

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