Best Smart Home Appliances 2020 4

Best Smart Home Appliances 2020

“The future is now old man” yells Dewey, sitting atop his brothers shoulders in the popular sitcom Malcolm in the Middle. While Dewey was right, we don’t think he had any idea what the future was going to look like; neither did Dr. Jaap Haartsen in 1994 when he invented Bluetooth. From the first mobile phone with […]

Remodeling for Accessibility 9

Remodeling for Accessibility

In the news: On-demand food delivery company DoorDash filed for an IPO, confidentially. It has not been a good week for the stock market. According to WSJ, it faces its biggest weekly loss since 2008. The timing of the coronavirus could not have been worse for Constellation Brand’s (STZ) Mexican beer Corona. According to an […]

How to Make Your Home Feel Larger 14

How to Make Your Home Feel Larger

Good afternoon readers 40 years ago, today, the USA Men’s Hockey team took home the gold in the 1980 Winter Olympics. Saturday (Feb 22nd) marked the 40th anniversary of the famous “Miracle on Ice”. Saturday, Senator Bernie Sanders was victorious in the Nevada caucuses. The 2020 NFL Combine begins today. The TE’s, QB’s and WR’s […]