Best Smart Home Appliances 2020 1

Best Smart Home Appliances 2020

“The future is now old man” yells Dewey, sitting atop his brothers shoulders in the popular sitcom Malcolm in the Middle. While Dewey was right, we don’t think he had any idea what the future was going to look like; neither did Dr. Jaap Haartsen in 1994 when he invented Bluetooth. From the first mobile phone with […]

DIY: Soundproofing Your Home 14

DIY: Soundproofing Your Home

Nothing like being quarantined at home that makes you realize you need a bigger home. If you need to remotely work, or simply get some alone time, it can be hard with your whole family stuck at home. If noise is an issue in your home, and simply purchasing a larger home isn’t an option, […]


2020 Bathroom Trends

Happy hump day Since its record high in February, the S&P has lost over $5 TRILLION in value. The price of gasoline is decreasing. Experts predict the cost per gallon could drop below $2 soon. Multiple Universities across Ohio are moving face-to-face classes toward online learning for 2 weeks after their respective spring breaks. Yep […]


2020 Kitchen Trends

Happy Monday Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Northern Italy has been put on lockdown, potentially jeopardizing the economy. After defeating 2 juggernaut teams, the Milwaukee Bucks and the Los Angeles Clippers, this weekend, the Los Angeles Lakers have the best odds to win the 2020 NBA Championship. Happy National Napping Day! Try and catch some […]

Essential Basement Remodeling Ideas 15

Essential Basement Remodeling Ideas

Since we last spoke The University of Southern California announced free tuition for families earning under $80k a year, saying “homeownership will no longer factor into its calculations to determine a student’s financial need”. Yesterday South Korea reported their first coronavirus-related death. Today in physics: Scientist report “flaring object in space may be two supermassive […]