Career Opportunities

Total Restore is looking to employ an experienced Lead carpenter to head a residential remodeling crew of 2-3.


  • Paint drywall, cabinets, trim, etc.
  • Hanging and finishing drywall.
  • Build/install cabinets.
  • Install hardwood and various types of flooring.
  • Install tile.
  • Minor plumbing.
  • Minor electric.
  • Install vanities/countertops.
  • Carpentry.
  • Efficiently and effectively lead a remodeling crew.
  • Stay on budget. If not, must have a good reason.
  • Meet deadlines. If not, must have a good reason.
  • Communicate with the account executive regarding job scope.

Personal Skills

  • Strong communication skills.
  • Strong soft skills. You will often have to interact with homeowners.
  • Leader personality.
  • Strong time management skills.
  • Critical thinking.


  • 3 years of remodeling experience.
  • Proven, strong residential remodeling skills.
  • Strong construction safety knowledge.
  • Be able to stand on your feet for 8 hours a day.
  • Lift 60+ lbs.
  • Valid driver’s license with a clean driving record.
  • Reliable transportation to and from work.
  • No alcohol/drug dependencies. *Using drugs and drinking on/before the job is grounds for immediate dismissal*


  • Strive to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction with all customer interactions.
  • Drive sales through maintaining relationships with existing clients and acquiring new clients.
  • Continually analyze the sales process to refine and improve its success, and work with upper management to establish sales reporting framework.
  • Be the primary contact with the client for residential/commercial remodeling projects.
  • Explain our entire remodeling process to our client in a detailed manner.
  • You will constantly be in contact with and handle all customer questions and objections/grievances.
  • Meet with homeowners to inspect, scope and photograph projects.
  • Provide and thoroughly explain all contracts to be signed by the homeowner.
  • Create a precise and meticulous scope sheet from job assessments.
  • Represent Total Restore by attending shows and engaging in other marketing activities.

Ideal Candidate

  • Prioritizes customer satisfaction
  • Strong soft skills
  • Highly personable, with the ability to quickly build relationships
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong computer skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Self-motivated


  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration or related field
  • Strong construction knowledge
  • Previous sales experience is preferred
  • Ability to lift to 60lbs
  • Valid driver’s license, clean driving record, and a reliable vehicle
  • Able to pass a drug test

We Provide

  • Job training
  • Professional development
  • Fantastic company culture and support
  • PTO during holidays

We Need

  • Individuals that work up to code and comply with all policies; this means no cutting corners regarding work, cleaning, safety, etc. Must show up in work uniform.
  • Timely and proper communication with the project manager.
  • Individuals must be able to lift a minimum of 75 lbs. without assistance. Must be able to stand for long periods of time.
  • Team players that also get along with others.
  • Punctuality: you do not need to show up 30 minutes or an hour before work, simply a few minutes before.
  • Individuals that are not dependent on recreational drugs or alcohol. Alcohol/recreational drug use during or before work will not be tolerated. Individuals must be able to pass a drug test.
  • Individuals willing to learn and follow instructions; you MUST be able to follow the Total Restore way.
  • Individuals with reliable transportation to and from work.
  • Individuals that can pass a background check.
  • People familiar with OSHA guidelines, but not certified.
  • Individuals with a clean driving record.
  • People that are quick on their feet.
  • Critical Thinking and problem solving.

Skilled Labor Contractor Duties

  • Tile – Assist in the installation of all types of bathroom (shower floor/wall, bathroom wall/floor tile, etc.) and kitchen tiles (backsplash, etc.) and be able to properly grout.
  • Demolition – Safely tear down and haul off materials.
  • Hardware – Install cabinet and shower hardware, along with other types.
  • Painting – Precisely tape, cover the floor and surrounding furniture, cut, use a roller/paintbrush/paint sprayer to paint walls, cabinets, trim, and all other surfaces.
  • Minor Plumbing – Installing/replacing supply lines, faucets, toilets, drains, bathtubs, shut off valves, etc.
  • Cabinets – Assemble (if needed) and properly install cabinetry.
  • Flooring – Prepare subfloor, Installing floated or stapled flooring.
  • Drywall – Measure, cut, and install drywall. Floating, sanding, finishing, and sometimes texturing drywall.
  • Counters – Measure, cut, and install.
  • Trim – Measure, cut, and install quarter round, shoe mold, baseboard, crown molding, and even wainscotting.

Our Company Culture

  • Detail oriented - quality and precision focused.
  • Customer centered.
  • Outcome oriented.
  • Respect for everyone and everything. Respect all customers/their homes, co-workers, vans, tools, equipment.
  • Team oriented. Cooperative and collaborative.
  • Stable with strong processes.

We Provide

  • Fast/steady/on-time pay. We make sure you receive your pay without delay.
  • Consistent work (An average work week will consist of 40-50hrs).
  • A safe and friendly work environment with rules and regulations.
  • Opportunity for growth and promotion.
  • Job training and development. We are willing to help you sharpen and refine any job skills you might need! Please feel free to ask!
  • Uniforms. Shirts and pants are provided. We will provide you with a $100 credit towards construction boots.
  • Company vehicles which you will be using when on the clock.
  • End of Year Bonus
  • Paid Holidays


  • Estimate the labor, material, and time requirements of a project to compute the overall cost of a project.
  • Create a separate, detailed, step-by-step estimate that will be presented/digested by our client.
  • Monitor all addendums, scope changes, and breakouts to ensure they are incorporated into the estimate.
  • Conduct research to obtain data on labor costs, materials, job times, etc. Will also be using the data from Total Restore’s database.
  • Track, measure and analyze your previous estimates; you will draw meaningful analytics and act upon the data accordingly.
  • Create and present reports to upper management.
  • Explore documentation to gain a deep understanding of the project requirements.
  • Communicate with the account executive, and other team members, to obtain all necessary documentation, dimensions, and photos of a project; you must always stay in touch with others to see if there are any changes in the project scope.
  • Visit or communicate with subcontractors, warehouses, vendors, architects, engineers, owners, and other venues as necessary to obtain a job cost.

Preferred Skills

  • 2+ years of experience as a construction estimator. (should be 1+ year of estimating support)
  • In-depth knowledge of construction and project management.
  • Hands-on data with complex data research activities.
  • Familiarity with estimator computer programs and Microsoft office.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • BA in data analytics/statistics, construction, construction science or similar relevant field.

Ideal Candidate

  • Problem solver and a critical thinker. These will be vital for growth opportunities.
  • Must be able to multi-task.
  • Must respect deadlines.
  • Must be punctual.
  • This role is best for meticulous people. Estimates will be very thorough and technical.
  • Comfortable with healthy conflict and be willing to defend your points. You will constantly be bouncing around ideas/solutions amongst co-workers to come to the best decision.

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