Must-Have Tools for DIY Projects and Home Repairs

To the inexperienced, your tool box will begin with a small investment as you do not posses the knowledge, skill, or safety training to use some of the larger tools. As your experience and comfortability with tools grow, your projects will likely increase in size and difficulty, requiring more advanced tools.     This means […]

Solid Wood vs Hollow Core – Which door is better for me?

Not all home décor is built the same. While your choice of wall color or style of door handle only has aesthetic value, other elements of design may have a large impact on your budget, environment, privacy, and the well-being of your friends and family. Today we’ll be discussing the difference between solid and hollow […]

How Does Radiant Floor Heating Work? Pros and Cons

While the concept might be new to some, it dates back to ancient times. The Romans, who were unbelievable engineers, would burn wood fires under elevated stone floors, thus inventing the first “heated floor”. The concept would be reworked over time to finally perfect the current system of electric/hydronic heated floors. Why Traditional heating systems […]