Countertop Material Comparison

If you’re beginning to plan a kitchen remodel, one of the first items of consideration is the type of countertop material you’ll want to use. In addition to cost, it can be difficult to choose the right countertop material for your needs based on durability, appearance, and maintenance/upkeep concerns. Since there are so many factors to consider, choosing the right countertop material can seem quite difficult at first. Don’t panic! Total Restore has created this informative guide that compares some of the most popular countertop choices along with the advantages and disadvantages of each. Armed with the right information, you’ll have no trouble finding the right countertop material for your kitchen remodeling project.

Countertop Material Comparison

Countertop Material Comparison

Kitchen Countertop Material Comparison Chart

Laminate Solid Surface Acrylic Marble Granite Butcher Block Quartzite Soapstone Porcelain
Price $-$$$ $$-$$$$ $$-$$$$ $$-$$$$$ $$-$$$$$ $$$-$$$$ $$$-$$$$ $$$-$$$$$
Durability Medium Stain Resistance, Can Burn/Scratch Can Melt When Exposed To High Heat, Easily Scratched High Heat Resistance, Can Be Scratched and Damaged By Harsh Chemicals High Heat/Scratch/Chemical Resistance Easily Scratched, Heat Resistant But Can Burn, Repairable High Heat/Scratch/Chemical Resistance High Heat/Chemical Resistance, Can Scratch High Heat/Scratch/Chemical Resistance
Easy Maintenance? No No No Yes No Yes No Yes
Construction Multi-layered, Particleboard/Plastic Acrylic Resins Natual Stone Natual Stone Laminated Solid Wood, Bonded With Adhesive Natural Stone Natural Stone Glass/Ceramic/Other Materials
Hot Pan Damage Susceptibility? Yes Yes No No No No No No
Regular Scratches Expected? Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes No
Wide Range of Different Colors Available? Yes Yes No Yes No Yes No No

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Choosing the Right Countertops For Your Kitchen

The first step to choosing the right countertop materials for your kitchen is to carefully evaluate the factors that are most important to you. With so many different materials to choose from, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices quickly once you prioritize the characteristics that mean the most to you. The chart above provides a quick side-by-side comparison of these various factors that we’ll explain in greater detail below.


  • One of the most common concerns when choosing countertops is how much they’ll cost. Sticking to a budget? Materials like laminate and acrylic both offer a cost-effective solution when remodeling. Searching for a long-term solution? Natural stone materials like granite, quartz, and marble balance cost with longevity. Is price not a factor? High-end options like porcelain and soapstone offer a stunning look to revitalize your kitchen.


  • Next up on our list of factors to consider is durability. How heavily do you use your kitchen? Are you a cooking enthusiast that enjoys preparing food for a crowd? Choosing natural stone is a good way to ensure that your countertops will stand up to heavy use. Do you only cook occasionally or simply don’t need materials that are built to withstand abuse? Budget choices like acrylic or laminate are great options in this situation.

Maintenance & Care

  • Different types of materials have different levels of maintenance and upkeep standards. For example, it’s hard to beat the unique look and feel of butcher block countertops. However, they require frequent cleaning and specialized products to care for them properly. Natural stone materials like marble or granite are less maintenance intensive. This ultimately comes down to your personal preference and comfort level.

Heat Resistance

  • Hot pots and pans are commonplace in the kitchen. If you’re an individual that enjoys baking or cooking, consider the heat resistance of your new countertops. Materials like quartzite or marble won’t bat an eye if you set a hot pan directly onto the surface. Laminate or acrylic countertops on the other hand could melt, burn, or scar when exposed to high heat.

Scratch Resistance

  • Many of the cheaper countertop options are susceptible to scratches through normal use. If you’re not prepared to use extra caution regarding scratches, consider upgrading to a natural stone option. Scratches can be an unsightly and unwanted addition to the look of your remodeled kitchen.

Colors & Availability

  • Searching for a specific color or material to complement the look of your remodeled kitchen? Consider the fact that various different types of materials are only offered in a finite amount of colors. Also, certain types of exotic materials may be difficult to find from the distributor and require extended wait times that could conflict with your project timeline.

Total Restore is your trusted partner for all of your kitchen remodeling needs including countertop replacements. If you’re still having trouble deciding which type of countertop material is right for your project, contact us today for a consultation. We’re standing by to help transform your dream kitchen into a reality.

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