Essential Basement Remodeling Ideas

Most of us might not utilize our basements as heavily as Eric Forman did in That 70’s Show, but they will make or break a home. Regardless if you use your basement as a den, home bar, theatre, or a home office, today we will cover some basement essentials.

Open concept

You will notice that open concepts have become wildly popular, extending into basements. An open concept challenges the traditional “closed” concept by knocking down dividing walls, allowing you to pass freely from room to room. When adding square footage isn’t an option, adopting an open concept will leave your home feeling larger and spacious.

Home Bar

If your go-to after a long day of work is enjoying a cold adult beverage, you should consider adding a home bar to your basement. Highly customizable, this is a great room for having guests over, taking a break from the rest of your home, or even watching that big sports game. Your design may be as simple as some cabinets with a built-in countertop, or if you opt for a closed concept, you may include a wraparound counter that also features bar stools.


basement bar



If you desire extra storage space, or simply want to remodel your basement to become a warm living area, a kitchenette will do the trick. A great thing about them is that you do not have to dedicate a large part or even a whole room to your kitchenette, they can be a small addition to any space without being the centerpiece of the room. Since the definition of a kitchenette is a smaller version of a kitchen, you do not have to worry about including all the same features/appliances as a regular kitchen.





If you’ve dreamed of boasting a library in your home and are an avid reader, consider remodeling part of your basement to include a library. Not only must the library be able to hold many books, but it must also resonate a comfortable and cozy feeling to allow for reading. Since hardwood floors and basements do not mix, engineered hardwood or vinyl plank flooring will allow you to achieve a cozy feel without having to worry about the moisture warping the hardwood.

Built-in bookshelves will be sturdier and make your basement feel like a library rather than a book storage area. A heavier, thicker type of wood like cherry or mahogany will further create a feeling of a library.


book pages



A basement can either be an extension of your home’s current design or it can be an escape from the rest of your home. Highly versatile, you can convert your basement for a specific purpose or can simply be an area for lounging or relaxing.

While some of these home remodels may be simple, don’t hesitate to reach out to Total Restore for help ranging from simple questions/ideas to remodeling work; we will be glad to help.

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