Essential Basement Remodeling Ideas

When designing or remodeling your basement, you’ll enjoy the freedom that comes from virtually limitless possibilities for this versatile space inside your home. Since many homeowners are often starting with a relatively blank slate, your basement can be transformed into a variety of possibilities that suit the needs of you and your family. If you’re searching for inspiration or ideas for strategically laying out your basement – you’ve come to the right place. TR Design Build has created this helpful reference guide that provides you with several key strategies for effective basement layouts. Let’s take a closer look!

Open Concept

You will notice that open concepts have become wildly popular, extending into basements. An open concept challenges the traditional “closed” concept by knocking down dividing walls, allowing you to pass freely from room to room. When adding square footage isn’t an option, adopting an open concept will leave your home feeling larger and more spacious.


open concept


Home Bar

Do you love to entertain? Are you the life of the party? Adding a home bar inside of your basement is a great way to combine your passion for hosting with a functional space you can take advantage of every weekend. You’ll have your choice of either a dry or wet bar. As the name suggests, a dry bar typically consists of a bar top, stools, and some additional storage or cabinetry for drinkware. A wet bar includes many of the same features with the addition of dedicated plumbing for a separate sink and/or dishwasher to make cleanup a breeze. You can mix cocktails like a pro while hosting small or large get-togethers and parties with your closest friends right from the comfort of your basement.


basement bar



If you desire extra storage space or simply want to remodel your basement to become a warm living area, a kitchenette will do the trick. A great thing about them is that you do not have to dedicate a large part or even a whole room to your kitchenette, they can be a small addition to any space without being the centerpiece of the room. Since the definition of a kitchenette is a smaller version of a kitchen, you do not have to worry about including all the same features/appliances as a regular kitchen.





If you’ve dreamed of boasting a library in your home and are an avid reader, consider remodeling part of your basement to include a library. Not only must the library be able to hold many books, but it must also resonate a comfortable and cozy feeling to allow for reading. Since hardwood floors and basements do not mix, engineered hardwood or vinyl plank flooring will allow you to achieve a cozy feel without having to worry about moisture warping the hardwood. Built-in bookshelves will be sturdier and make your basement feel like a library rather than a book storage area. A heavier, thicker type of wood like cherry or mahogany will further create a feeling of a library.


home library


Recreational Area

Whether it’s for the young or the young at heart, designing a recreational area inside your basement is the perfect solution for enjoying year-round fun inside your home. Especially useful in colder climates, recreational areas in your basement mean that you and your family can enjoy some quality time during the winter months. Due to the open floorplan of many basements, you’ll have room for amenities like a pool table, foosball table, ping pong table, arcade machine, dartboard, pinball machine, and countless others. When Mother Nature decides to rain on your parade, you and your family can make lasting memories inside your very own basement recreational area.


recreational area


Home Theater

If you’re a film aficionado, it’s hard to ignore the benefits of building your very own home theater inside of your basement. No matter if you want to host viewing parties with your closest friends or take family movie night to the next level – the advantages of a home theater make a tremendous difference in your watching experience. First, you’ll have the space for a significantly larger viewing area no matter if you opt for a standard television or projector screen setup. This dedicated area also gives you room to add spacious, comfortable theater seating. You can also easily configure the theater lighting to mimic an authentic movie theater. With a home theater in your basement, you’ll be the favorite destination among all of your friends and family.


home theater


Home Gym

Staying in shape has never been easier or more convenient with the installation of your very own home gym inside of your basement. No longer will you have to pay monthly for a gym membership, deal with traffic, risk storing your valuables in a shared locker, or leave the comfort of your home just to exercise. The open floor plan of most basements makes it possible to customize your home gym exactly to your personal preferences and workout needs. Better still, depending on the equipment and machines that you add – this space can easily be transformed into a mixed-use space when you’re not working out.


home gym


Guest Suite

Add even more versatility to your basement by considering the addition of a guest suite. Perfect for friends, in-laws, or even an elderly family member – a guest suite allows you to host more of the people you love. Giving your guests their own dedicated space, a guest suite in your basement makes entertaining much easier. Whether you intend to use the space occasionally or full-time, you’ll have the flexibility to design your guest suite based on your specific needs. Before you know it, your loved ones will be booking their next trip to come and visit!


guest suite



A basement can either be an extension of your home’s current design or it can be an escape from the rest of your home. Highly versatile, you can convert your basement for a specific purpose or can simply be an area for lounging or relaxing.

While some of these home remodels may be simple, don’t hesitate to reach out to TR Design Build for help ranging from simple questions/ideas to remodeling work; we will be glad to help.