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Do you still have questions for us? Listed below are some of the most common questions that we’re asked here at Total Restore. No matter if you’d like more information about the services we provide, what you can expect during a remodel, or simply want to know more about our company — you’ve come to the right place! Our team is standing by to answer your questions and provide you will all the information you need. We look forward to serving you!

What steps/procedures is Total Restore taking to prevent and reduce transmission of Covid-19?

  • Total Restore is committed to protecting our clients and associates in these unorthodox times. Click here to learn more about the steps we’re taking to keep everyone safe.

What can I expect from Total Restore during a remodel?

  • From start to finish, Total Restore is committed to a smooth, stress-free remodeling experience. If you’re curious about what’s involved and the individual steps of the remodeling process, click here to view our remodeling process guide.

Are your estimates free?

  • Our assessments and estimates are free for all projects, rules subject to change for investors.

How much will my project cost?

  • Project cost depends on a plethora of factors, but the biggest factor is your budget. During the initial discussions, if you provide your appointed account executives with your goal (selling my home, fixing an issue, simply for aesthetic pleasure), they will provide you with a recommended scope to maximize the value of your hard-earned dollars.

When will my project begin?

  • The biggest determinant of the start date is the time of your inquiry because we work on a first come first serve basis. If someone in line before you cancels or postpones their remodel, you will move up in line.
  • Holidays also can influence your start date.
  • Complexity is another factor. More complex projects take longer to plan.
  • Material sourcing can play a role as well. Certain materials such as custom vanities, certain types of tile, and specialized types of flooring take longer to source as they are not readily available at local hardware stores.
  • A bottleneck may be created by required specialty work performed by contractors like licensed plumbers and electricians; their availability may affect the start/finish date. For example, if a homeowner would like to finish their basement but the electrical systems require updating, we can not begin/continue work until a licensed electrician has completed their portion of the work.

How do I choose materials?

  • The homeowner has complete control over the choice of their materials. We will give you your material dimensions and you can pick from there. (Example: We tell the homeowner to shop for a 60-inch vanity because that’s all the room available for a replacement vanity.)
  • If you require further assistance, Total Restore will be more than happy to assist you with your purchases. We can recommend you the best brands for your budget, tell you important features to look for in your product, or even send over a few selections.
  • Total Restore has found that projects are the smoothest when we work together with homeowners to select materials.

Who’s in charge of materials?

  • Homeowners can either choose to purchase the materials themselves, or they can ask Total Restore to purchase the materials on their behalf (which will be reflected on the estimate). Regarding material delivery, homeowners can either pick-up materials themselves or can ask Total Restore to deliver the materials at no additional cost.

I’ve welcomed unpleasant contractors in my home in the past. What are your employees like?

  • Our company prides itself on our professionalism and integrity; our employees deeply reflect these values. Our employees have often been described as a “pleasure to have in our home” by previous clients.

Do you do roofing?

  • Total Restore specializes in interior remodeling. We do not provide roofing, siding, driveways, or waterproofing services.

How do you handle communication?

  • You can expect direct communication with your specific account executive and project manager daily, from the initial contact to the project finish.

Do you offer interior design services?

  • No, we do not offer interior design services. The professionals at Total Restore are happy to help with the design and layout of your project to the best of our abilities at no extra charge.

Do you use subcontractors?

  • We do not use subcontractors for remodeling work. Specialty work, such as electric, plumbing, and HVAC are outsourced by Total Restore. We use a very reliable and professional network of experienced vendors for these specialty trades.

What type of insurance do you carry?

  • Total Restore carries all necessary and recommended insurance for Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations.

Will there be a big mess during our project?

  • Prior to the final product, the jobsite will get messy and dusty. Our team understands this and we take multiple precautions to ensure the cleanest environment possible.
  • Total Restore respects your home and its contents by quarantining our work area, laying down clean tarps to walk on, and by cleaning/disinfecting the work area and walkways daily. We also utilize a commercial air scrubber, equipped with a HEPA filter, to mitigate the spread of construction debris.

For all other questions, please contact Total Restore at (440) 397-4820.