How to Design a better Laundry Room

How To Design A Laundry Room

Although it might not be your favorite room in the house, your laundry room plays an important role in the daily life of your family. In fact, an effective laundry room design can help make your daily routine both quicker and easier. No matter if you’re starting with a blank canvas or you simply want to spruce up your existing laundry area, TR Design Build is here to help! We’ve named our top picks for designing a laundry room to help simplify the process. You’ll have all the information you need to design the laundry room you’ve always dreamed of.

How to Design a Laundry Room

How to Design a Laundry Room

Tip #1 – Location, Location, Location

Especially important if you’re starting your laundry room from scratch, choosing the right location can make or break how effectively you can do laundry. Some prefer to have their laundry room located near bedrooms to simplify the process as much as possible. Others like having the room located near the kitchen or living room where their family prefers to gather. Regardless of your preference, be sure to consider the noise that laundry appliances make. Avoid placing the laundry room next to designated quiet spaces such as a home office or children’s bedroom. Access to plumbing can be another factor involved in choosing the right location for your laundry room.

Tip #2 – We Suggest a Sink

One of the handiest additions you can make to a laundry room is a sink. Great for deep-soaking and pre-treating stains prior to washing, a sink boosts the utility of your laundry room. If space is a concern, compact sinks are a great solution as well. Just be sure that it’s as deep as possible in order to maximize the sink’s effectiveness. Typically, adding a sink is easy thanks to the easily accessible plumbing access required by the washing machine and dryer. Whether it’s used for laundry or general cleanup nearby the laundry room, you’ll appreciate the convenience and versatility of an in-unit sink.

Tip #3 – Choose the Right Appliances

When it comes time to buy new appliances or replace your existing ones, take a moment to consider the various types of washing machines and dryers available on the market. The layout of your laundry room plays a role in your decision. You can choose to stack both machines vertically if space is a concern or leave them side-by-side with a countertop space over them. Front-loading machines tend to save even more space as well. Once you’ve chosen the type of machines that you’re most interested in, consider energy-efficient models to save on energy costs and do your part to help reduce our impact on the environment. Since the appliances are the focal point of the laundry room, it’s common to center the overall design of the room around them.

Tip #4 – Add Storage Solutions

Now that we’ve covered the essentials, it’s time to consider adding additional storage inside your laundry area. Especially important if you have young children or pets in your household, storing laundry detergents, cleaning supplies, and other toxic chemicals in a safe place is a must. Using any leftover space to incorporate storage cabinets or shelving helps to keep your laundry room looking neat and tidy at all times while also keeping dangerous items out of reach. Taller storage compartments are also great for storing things like an ironing board along with brooms or mops. You can even integrate dedicated bins for storing laundry baskets when not in use, adding a tasteful yet functional look to your laundry room.

Tip #5 – Lighting and Electrical Access

Access to electrical outlets and proper lighting are two additional aspects to consider when building your laundry room. If possible, keeping windows clear for as much natural light as possible helps to brighten the space. For windowless rooms, proper lighting goes a long way toward your enjoyment of the laundry room. Easy access to electrical outlets comes in handy when using an iron, handheld vacuum cleaner, or other laundry equipment. Dimmable lighting fixtures are also helpful for adding as much or as little light into the room as you deem necessary.

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