How to Make Your Home Feel Larger

Space. No, we are not talking about the universe, which is infinite of course. The space in your home is most certainly NOT infinite and needs to be put to good use. When looking to add space to their homes, people usually opt for a room or home addition. But usually, that is not very feasible and can be expensive.

Today we will cover a few things you can do to make your home FEEL larger without making it larger.

Open concept

If we had a penny for every time we mentioned “open concept” we would probably have enough money to do a home addition. But since we don’t, the next best and most affordable option would be to adopt an open concept kitchen.


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By turning multiple small rooms into one large, connected area, homeowners will make their homes feel larger, add natural light to the room, and create an entertaining space for guests. On top of all these features, homes with open concepts tend to do better on the market in terms of resale value


Let’s talk a little about science. Dark colors absorb light while light colors tend to reflect light. This means if you want to make your rooms look larger, paint them with a lighter color. Even though you’re not physically changing the floorplan, it will trick your eyes and brain into believing the room is larger and more inviting.

While the main color of the room is important, don’t forget to add contrast. Painting the trim and molding in a lighter color than your walls will further the illusion of adding space.


If you are lucky enough to have a home with plenty of light AND lucky enough to have large windows, you’re golden. Light, natural or artificial, makes your home feel larger. If your home has small or obstructing windows, try replacing them with larger, more open windows.


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If adding windows is not in the budget, a couple of lighting fixtures will do the trick!

Speaking of light, try adding preferably larger mirrors into your home. Not only will it add the illusion of more depth, but it will also reflect light throughout your home.


Remodeling for an open concept, choosing the right colors, allowing tons of light into your home, and adding a few mirrors are all things you can do to make your home feel larger without actually having to add on to the home.

When remodeling for an open concept, be VERY careful (talking to you DIYers). Since you must knock down walls, it is CRUCIAL that you know which walls are load-bearing. Knocking down the wrong wall could lead to DISASTER. If you want to make your home feel larger and more connected via adopting an open concept, call the experts at TR Design Build for questions or for an assessment!

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