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How To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Efficiency is defined as the ability to produce something with a minimum amount of effort and waste. A purpose of a home is to shelter us with a comfortable environment while keeping the elements at bay. Although most homes do this, some homes are more efficient at doing their job!

Energy Star

Replace your old appliances that use more energy than necessary. Ever heard of Energy Star? When buying/replacing appliances or products, look for the Energy Star Label. They offer certified products that save energy without sacrificing features or functionality. Energy Star products will help lower your electricity bill, improve comfort, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Energy Star Label


Energy Star offers a wide variety of energy-efficient products such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, windows, doors, furnaces, etc. For a full list of products, visit their website.

The more the merrier

The more barriers you can put between your home and the elements, the better. Adding insulation to your attic will assist with your home’s heating/cooling costs. Insulation can also be added in ceilings with unheated spaces, basement walls, floors over unheated spaces, etc. The more insulation you have in your house, the better it will do at retaining your desired temperature.


applying insulation spray


A storm door is a great barrier when it comes to curbing energy loss. Even if your door is brand new, consider installing a storm door to beef up your defense from the weather. Storm doors can be found at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s for as little as $75.

If your windows are old, there is a good chance they are leaky. Consider weatherstripping your windows or replacing them with an energy-efficient model.

A product so nice you got to say it twice

When talking in terms of efficiency, switching from fossil fuels to a renewable source of energy is huge. Installing solar panels is a fantastic way to cut down on that energy bill. Not only do solar panels responsibly source energy, but they also sometimes source too much, meaning you can sell it back to companies for a profit.

For a deeper dive into how solar panels work, benefits/drawbacks, and their ROI, visit our last blog!


It is not cheap to heat or cool your home, and outdated appliances are not helping. The draft under your door or the lack of insulation in your home isn’t going to be a big help either.

All these tips will help boost your home efficiency and help lower your electric bill.

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