Pros of a Range Hood/Benefits of a Kitchen Hood

Pop quiz! What invention was manufactured in Dallas house with a dirt floor, first produced in 1937, and is arguably one of the most important appliances in your kitchen? The title of the blog should’ve given away the answer, range hoods! While they’ve been redesigned and perfected over the years, the original concept remains unchanged.

Other commonly used names:

  • Kitchen hood
  • Ventilation hood
  • Extractor hood
  • Extractor fan

Before we get into the benefits, we must first dive into the concept and how it works.

When you cook, your food releases odors, heat, steam, grease, smoke, and gasses; we will refer to this as air pollution. Range hoods, placed directly above the stove,  were created for the sole purpose of extracting air pollution given off by cooking and redirecting it away from the kitchen.


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How do they work?

There will be a large opening at the bottom which is accompanied by a motorized fan or blower sitting atop. Once activated, the vent will suck up the air pollution and send it somewhere else. Based on the design of your range hood, the air will get sent to one of two places. Most hood designs force extracted air pollution outside of your house. Some designs send the air through a series of filters, ultimately redirecting it back into your home.

The fan and opening work together to suck up all the air pollution given off my cooking, capturing, and eliminating contaminated air at the source.

Why are they important?

Range hoods do a great job of keeping your air clean, carrying tons of health benefits. In addition with reducing the growth of germs, bacteria, and mold in your home; they also reduce the amount of carbon monoxide in your home.

If you cook without a range hood, you are likely cleaning your kitchen more often; this is because airborne grease is released into your air when you cook. Not only are you breathing this in, but it collects on the surrounding surfaces of the kitchen, leaving surfaces sticky and greasy. Grease stains are ugly and difficult to remove.


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Range hoods also help with comfort in terms of temperature control; they’re not as efficient as an air conditioner, but still make a difference you can feel. Also, who can resist more lighting? Range hoods almost always come with built-in lighting which can help during meal preparation and clean-up. This can act as an alternative to your main kitchen lights when you’re roaming for a midnight snack.

No wonder they’re standard in every commercial kitchen!


Range hoods create tremendous value in your everyday life while adding value to your home. In the current housing market, kitchens are almost expected to have a range hood. They increase your air quality, your property value, and overall make your home more comfortable.

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