TR Design Build Remodeling Process Explained

  1. Initial Email/Phone Call: Owner contact information obtained, remodeling process explained, project overview obtained, 1st assessment scheduled and confirmed via email.
  2. 1st PM Assessment: Owner project goals and priorities obtained, project scope discussed and obtained, project sketch, measurements, and photos obtained.
  3. Project Bid Range: Owner received, and approved project bid range (via email) based on the scope discussed on 1st assessment. Cost to build (labor and construction materials), cosmetic material range, and tentative start date are listed on the project bid range email.
  4. 2nd PM Assessment (if applicable): Owner project goals and priorities in discussed in greater detail, project scope discussed in greater detail, investigative work performed to help mitigate project scope surprises, project sketch, measurements, and photos obtained at a greater detail to facilitate the creation of accurate project proposal.
  5. Project Proposal: Owner received, reviewed and approved project proposal via our project management software (BuilderTrend). Any requested proposal revisions have been made prior to signing. The proposal lists an itemized and comprehensive scope of work, cost to build (labor and construction materials), construction materials included in cost to build, cosmetic materials excluded from cost to build, allowance range owner can select for their cosmetic materials and payment terms.
  6. Project Contract: Owner to review and sign project contract after approving the project proposal.
  7. Pre-Construction Deposit: To commence pre-construction process, owner must pay their first deposit as listed in this contract and in payment terms.
  8. Pre-Construction:
    1. Phase I: Will commence once first deposit is received by TR Design Build. Owner portal will be created in our project management software.
      1. Project Manager will reach out to begin the project blueprint process which entails a series of meetings and discussions with homeowner in effort to create and finalize exact project blueprints that take into consideration the build out, electric, plumbing, and cosmetic materials.
      2. TR Design Build provides 3 free blueprint revisions after the first blueprint is drafted for review.
      3. Once owner is satisfied, the project blueprint must be signed before proceeding to next phase.
    2. Phase II: Will commence once phase I is finalized and blueprint signed by owner.
      1. TR Design Build will provide owner with an interactive cosmetic material form in an effort to obtain cosmetic material preferences. TR Design Build is responsible to upload correct cosmetic material specifications; Owner is just focused on design.
      2. Once cosmetic material form is submitted in the identified timeline, TR Design Build staff will begin researching cosmetic materials from our preferred vendors in an effort to provide owner with cosmetic material options they can select from based on their design, project specifications, and allowance preferences. This will all be conducted through our project management software. TR Design Build provides 3 free cosmetic material revisions after the first round is uploaded.
        1. If cabinetry/custom cabinetry is in scope, TR Design Build will provide client with necessary drawing/specifications and direct client to local cabinet retailers/designers to commence the cabinetry design process.
        2. Order’s may not be placed without TR Design Build review and approval to ensure order accuracy and completeness.
      3. Once owner has completed and approved their cosmetic materials selections, they will be billed for their respective selections. Once payment is received, TR Design Build will place all the cosmetic material orders and lead times will be obtained.
    3. Phase III: TR Design Build will receive shipment of cosmetic materials (if applicable), will pick up cosmetic materials (if applicable), store in our warehouse, and inspect all cosmetic materials in effort to ensure that accuracy of orders and to ensure that orders did not come damaged. If an order arrived incorrect or damaged, TR Design Build will handle the return and re-order process at no additional cost. This does affect project timeline.
      1. Once all orders are confirmed, TR Design Build will reach out to schedule and confirm project start date.
      2. TR Design Build at this time will order all necessary construction materials to make sure everything is inspected prior to project commencement.
      3. Owner to prepare their home for project commencement and to clear work area from all contents
      4. All project details are finalized which completes Pre-Construction process. 2nd deposit due on/before project start date per contract and payment terms.
  9. Project Commencement & Completion:
    1. Project will be completed based on the project schedule outline, starting with demolition (if applicable).
    2. After demolition is completed and project site is cleaned and debris removed, Project Manager to perform one final assessment now that TR Design Build has access to investigate behind the walls and underneath floor.
      1. If any unforeseen items are found by Project Manager (such as but not limited to” rotten or water damaged subfloor/joists/studs, outdated/corroded/sliced electric or plumbing, structural problems), project will pause and all findings will be presented to homeowner along with TR Design Build recommendation, pricing and the effect to timeline. Work will not resume without Owner approval. All change orders must be signed by Owner.
    3. Daily logs and progress photos will periodically be uploaded and shared with owner via our project management software, in an effort to increase transparency and to provide assurance to Owner that work is being completed according to code and scope.
    4. All project details and communication will be managed through our project management software.
    5. TR Design Build will also be updating Owner on project status through in person meeting, phone calls, emails, and project management software.
    6. TR Design Build to manage all vendor timelines and schedules.
    7. At ~70% project completion, the third, fourth, and fifth project deposit will have been billed and collected per the contract and payment terms. 70% completion is generally after all structural work is completed leaving the installation of cosmetic materials and finishing touches.
    8. At project completion, Owner will have chance to review their project with Project Manager to ensure services were completed according to approved scope. After final walkthrough signature, the final deposit will be due per the contract and payment terms.
    9. TR Design Build to remove all project trash and debris from project site.
    10. If Optional Change Orders are requested by homeowner during project duration; TR Design Build will upload change order detail/scope through our project management software for Owner to review and sign. Change orders will be added to the remaining deposit payments. Change orders must be signed by Owner before work can continue. Change order do affect project timeline as additional scope and thus time is added/needed for completion.