Smart Home Installation near Cleveland, OH

It’s certainly hard to ignore the tremendous benefits of smart home features due to their remarkable convenience and the peace of mind that they add. Due to their increase and affordability, more and more people are considering smart home installation to add value to their homes. If you’ve been wondering about the advantages of smart homes or what smart home features are the most popular – you’ve come to the right place! Total Restore has the answers to all of your questions regarding smart home installation and will work with you to design the smart home of your dreams.

Smart Home Installation near Cleveland, OH

Smart Home Installation – Most Popular Categories


  • With the introduction of smart LED light bulbs and fixtures, it’s never been easier to control and personalize the lighting inside and outside of your home. Inside, you can sync smart lighting to your smartphone to adjust the brightness and even color to suit your mood. For enhanced security purposes, being able to remotely control your interior and exterior lights can make a big difference when you’re on vacation or out of town for the weekend.


  • Revolutionizing the way that you control the temperature inside of your home, smart thermostats have come a long way since the crude knobs and dials of years past. You can’t deny the convenience of remotely adjusting the heating or air conditioning inside of your home to be perfectly prepared for your arrival. It’s a great way to stay comfortable at all times or to save money on energy bills by scheduling adjustments throughout the day. Certain smart thermostats even include multiple sensors to help you adjust the temperature in more than just one room.

Cameras and Doorbells

  • Adding an entirely new layer of security to your home, smart doorbells and cameras make it possible to see who’s at the door without risking your safety. From ignoring unwanted solicitors to staying projected from potential intruders, smart doorbells can send you notifications when you’re not home. Better still, they can detect motion around your home and even save recordings via the cloud for viewing at a later time. Simple to install and easy to use, smart doorbells and camera systems have revolutionized the home security industry.

Locks & Deadbolts

  • From the palm of your hand thousands of miles away, smart locks and deadbolts make it possible to give a friend or family member temporary access to your home. This innovative technology also makes it easy to verify and monitor that all of your exterior doors are properly locked and secured while you’re away. Certain smart locks can also be unlocked using sophisticated fingerprint technology, eliminating the need to fumble around your pocket or purse trying to find a traditional key.

Miscellaneous Smart Technologies

  • Since smart home features are still relatively new to the marketplace, more and more innovations are debuting each year. Some examples include smart sprinkler systems that can automatically water your lawn based on weather conditions, kitchen appliances that can be operated remotely, smart outlets that can automatically control electronic devices, and even robotic vacuums that can keep your home tidy and clean while you’re at work or out shopping. The future for smart homes has never been brighter!

Smart Home Design Tips and Strategies

Tip #1 – Start Small

  • While it might seem overwhelming at first, a great first step towards designing the smart home of your dreams is by trying out just a few of your most desirable features. For example, installing a smart doorbell and adding some smart lightbulbs to your kitchen can let you experience some of their benefits without committing to a whole-home system.

Tip #2 – Add a Hub

  • As you add more smart features to your home, consider adding a hub system to seamlessly integrate all of your features into one easy-to-use location. These interfaces offer compatibility with most of the popular features currently available on the market and help streamline access and controls. Rather than toggling between multiple apps and brands, smart home hub systems are your one-stop solution for controlling smart home features.

Tip #3 – Consider Your Needs

  • It’s easy to get carried away when adding smart features to your home. Before you get too overwhelmed with the sheer amount of options available to you, take a moment to consider your needs and priorities. Do you travel often? Adding security and lighting features that can be controlled remotely can add peace of mind while you’re away. Looking to save money on energy bills? Consider a smart thermostat to help minimize your energy usage throughout the day. Developing a goal-oriented strategy can help maximize your enjoyment of your smart home.

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