Solid Wood vs Hollow Core – Which door is better for me?

Not all home décor is built the same. While your choice of wall color or style of door handle only has aesthetic value, other elements of design may have a large impact on your budget, environment, privacy, and the well-being of your friends and family.

Today we’ll be discussing the difference between solid and hollow core interior doors! (And we’ll be giving our opinion when choosing between the two)

Solid wood doors

Solid wood doors are made up of… you guessed it, solid, quality wood! Because they’re considerably heavier and stronger than hollow core doors, they’re much easier to close and can even support custom framed mirrors. Solid doors are much better at blocking sound due to the nature of their make-up; they also do a much better job in terms of insulation. If you’e going for a long lifespan, solid wood doors are your best option.



Let’s talk money. Solid doors are more expensive than hollow doors, sometimes even 50% higher. With a higher price tag comes more luxury. Solid wood doors add a rich look and feel to your home, sometimes embellished with architectural details. While solid wood doors are a more costly investment, they do increase the value of your home.

Hollow core doors

Cheaper than solid wood doors, hollow core doors typically have a honeycomb cardboard interior encased by either fiberboard or veneer. Since they’re hollow and light, they’re much easier to install. Hollow core doors often come pre-primed which also helps in terms of installation.

Since Solid wood doors are made of wood, they tend to expand or shrink due to the weather, time of year, and its environment. This is a headache you will not have with hollow core doors.


Cheaply made products tend to break over time, needing replacement. They will cost you more in the long run due to the replacement and repair costs.

Our pick? Solid wood doors. The fact that they’re solid renders them more resistant to wear and tear. Alongside being more durable, they look better, increase your homes value, and have excellent insulation and sound dampening qualities.

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