DIY Guide to Your Staircase Remodel

Whether your existing staircase is damaged and poses a safety risk or you simply want to transform the look and feel of your stairs to match your vision – it’s important to trust a team of experts to handle your staircase remodel project. From simple repairs of your existing stairs to clean-sheet remodeling projects, Total Restore has the knowledge and expertise to create the staircase of your dreams. Our team can help you replace, repair, or reconfigure your stairs to match your specific remodeling goals. This informative stair remodeling guide will help give you a glimpse into what’s involved in a staircase remodeling project. Let’s take a closer look!

Staircase Remodeling Guide

Staircase Remodeling Guide

Types of Staircases

Before we dive into remodeling options, let’s take a moment to discuss the various different types of staircases typically found inside a home. Once you know their names and descriptions, you’ll be able to have a better understanding of the scope and scale of your staircase remodeling project.

  • Straight – Just as the name implies, this type of staircase features one rise from the lower to upper level. It also takes up the most floor space.
  • Spiral – A name you’ve likely heard of before, spiral staircases wind around a fixed central point to take advantage of limited space.
  • Circular – Similar to a spiral, circular staircases ascend in an arc shape from one level to the next.
  • Switchback – These types of stairs reverse direction at a landing in an effort to take up less horizontal space.
  • Winder – Winder stairs take a 90-degree turn without the use of a landing.
  • “L” Stair – At the landing, these types of stairs feature a 90-degree bend.

Other Staircase Terminology & Design Tips

There are a number of other key terms and concepts to consider when planning your staircase remodeling project. After all, stair design can be one of the most difficult and involved aspects of a remodeling project. It’s important to consider both the functionality and attractiveness of your staircase remodel, balancing each aspect.

  • Rise Length – Rise, also referred to as stair height, is measured from the base floor to the upper level. Take this measurement and divide it by the usual stair height, typically 8 inches. This final figure will give you the rise. As an example, a rise measuring 102 inches will need 12 steps and 13 risers to reach the floor above.
  • Run Length – Also related to stair measurement, the run refers to the total horizontal length. Using a total of 12 steps each with a tread depth of 8 inches, the total length is 96 inches. Next, we’ll add a riser thickness of 2 inches across 13 risers for a total of 26 inches to add to the figure. In many cases, we’ll add the nose measurement as well (the leading edge of each tread that extends beyond the riser). In this example, this would amount to another 6 inches. Tallying each of these figures gives us a total of 128 inches of floor space taken up by a staircase.
  • Consider Your Needs – As you narrow down your options for a staircase remodel, take a moment to consider the needs of you and the members of your household. Width, incline, and the need for handrails are important factors to consider based on the mobility requirements and age of the primary users. Is the staircase going to be a high-traffic aspect of your home? Certain designs make it easier and more comfortable to ascend and descend compared to others. Will the staircase be seldom used and serve more of an aesthetic purpose? Designs like a spiral staircase work best in situations like these.
  • Material Choices – Based on both your preferences and budget requirements, it’s important to choose the right materials for your staircase remodeling project. Common choices for the surface of your staircase include wood, tile, and carpet. Supports and railings can be constructed with wood or metal as well.

Trust Total Restore for Staircase Remodeling

Since staircase remodeling projects involve a variety of factors, it’s important to trust an expert team of professionals to handle the job. Total Restore can work alongside you to develop a plan that fits your needs and vision. With both pre-made and custom construction choices available, we’ll help you choose materials, pick a design, and follow building codes and guidelines to build the staircase of your dreams. Contact us today to get started on your staircase remodel!

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