Storm Damage Repair & Restoration

If you’ve suffered storm damage, it’s essential that you act immediately by calling a damage restoration company; the longer the problem sits untreated, the more damage it will cause to your home. It’s important to know that insurances require documented and detailed proof of a loss, which is where the expertise of the restoration contractor comes into play. If a storm related disaster occurs, do not touch anything without heavily documenting the damage.

The professionals at TR Design Build have the capacity and expertise to streamline your damage restoration process, making it feel seamless!

Storm Damage

Storm Damage

Steps to take after storm damage

  1. Contact TR Design Build. Do not touch/clean up any of the damage. Exercise caution if dangerous weather conditions are present.
  2. Upon arrival, TR Design Build will perform a damage assessment, presenting our findings to the homeowner. Primarily based on the damage assessment, the homeowner must decide between either filing a claim, or handling the project privately. TR Design Build will aid you in making your decision.
  3. Schedule the mitigation.

How Does Storm Damage Occur?

  • Violent winds
  • Rain and hail
  • Sleet and snow
  • Falling trees

Storms typically cause damage to the exterior of your home; the siding and roof being the usual victims. If storm damage is heavy enough, it could create an opening in your roof or siding, compromising the interior of your home.

Why Trust TR Design Build?

  • TR Design Build is a local company that’s involved in our community.
  • NOT a “preferred provider” for an insurance company. TR Design Build is an independent company that fights for the homeowner, always keeping you in the loop.
  • TR Design Build aims to reduce the stress from an overwhelming and unfortunate situation. Upon signing an authorization agreement, TR Design Build will handle the processes of thoroughly inspecting the damage, collecting detailed evidence, preforming the mitigation, and will handle all communication/paperwork required by your insurance carrier.
  • Along with a team of licensed and insured professionals, TR Design Build uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure an efficient and effective workflow.