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Trust The Process (The Process Of Remodeling)

Remodeling your home is far from an easy process. Usually, homes are remodeled when the homeowner needs to make their home more accessible, or because the homeowner no longer finds their home appealing. Multiple things must be finalized before any physical work can even begin. Since the process can be stressful, it’s important to select a trusted contractor to help guide you through the process. A great contractor will remove the stress out of your life, making the process seamless.





The first thing that must occur during this process is a vision. The homeowner must have a vision of what they would like to see in their home, or at least what they would like to see changed. Once this step takes place, a budget must be set.




Budgets can be tricky since one of the biggest regrets consumers face after a remodeling project is that they did not remodel enough. Take this into account when setting your budget; it’s more cost-effective to combine big projects in one remodel than to spread them out.

Starting to stand

The vision is in mind, and the budget is set, now it’s time for the design. Depending on your budget, this is the part of the process where you sit down and put your vision onto paper. Homeowners will select their building material, specific features/appliances, color schemes, etc. If you are not an artsy person, or simply want to skip this process, it would be a great time to call your contractor.

Share your “vision” with your contractor and ask them to have it sketched up or digitally designed. Often contractors will pass this request to an interior designer, who likely more qualified for this type of work. Designers, always learning about the hottest home trends, will often give you a few options that you will choose from.


Now once the plan is concrete and on paper, materials will have to be ordered. If your contractor gives you the option, always let them order the materials. Since they do this for a living, they will know how much to order and they will likely receive a contractor discount, which they can pass on to you.

Depending on your location, you might have to obtain a building permit. This is where you tell the city exactly what you plan on remodeling in your home, and pending their decision, they will either approve or deny your request. Frankly, obtaining these permits suck; they are not free and will add time to your remodeling project.


building permit


After the permit has been signed, work can begin…. just kidding. The final step will be reviewing and finalizing the contract. NEVER sign a contract without reading it! Take your time reading, reviewing, and asking questions about the contract. A great contractor will never pressure you to sign the contract immediately and will give you time to ponder. Just do not take too long, jobs come sporadically and if you wait too long, the contractor might get booked.

Beginning to run

It feels like the process should be over by now, but the reality is that the physical labor can finally begin. The length of the physical labor directly depends on the work scope and how quickly the materials arrive on the job site.

Keep all of these in mind the next time you decide to take on a remodeling project. If it feels like the work is taking a little too long, remember that the process is long and there are tons of prerequisites.

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