What Is Multi-functional Storage??

What a mess!

Multiple studies revealed that clutter affects our sleep, ability to focus, and our anxiety levels (as if they weren’t already high enough). In a world that constantly bombards us with distractions and pushes us to get less sleep, clutter is our enemy. #NoClutter2020

Don’t believe it?? Feast your eyes on this. 


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We know you cringed a little. 

One obvious way to declutter is to throw out what isn’t necessary, but what if that’s not an option?

Well lucky for you, this article tackles the issue. 

In our opinion, this past decade saw a revolution in storage. Small pantries became large and open, single-use storage became multi-functional, and accessing that secret panel in our bathroom made us feel like batman in his secret cave. As we’ve mentioned in our past Instagram posts, today’s home-buyers expect more out of their storage spaces, driving the need for a revolution. While people aren’t flooding the streets, holding signs, and yelling in their megaphones, they’ve been opting for homes with modern storage or remodeling homes to fit their needs.

A new way of doing things 

Hidden storage doesn’t necessarily refer to that secret compartment hidden in your wall or pulling a certain book out of your bookshelf, sending you and the bookshelf spinning as you access a hidden room. While it can mean all those things, it usually refers to the hidden storage under the seat of a chair or shelves that pull out from the sides of a bathroom mirror. 

Staircases are often an untapped method of increasing storage. Even if you don’t have access to space under the staircase, shelves can seamlessly blend right into the stairs, preserving the aesthetic of the design. 

Arguably the best room in your home

The biggest use of hidden storage occurs in kitchens, with countertop space being a priority. Houzz, a leading online platform for home renovation and design, published a study in 2018 which found, “75% of kitchen remodelers are obsessed with decluttering their kitchen”. 

A hidden cabinet can beautifully conceal your coffee maker, coffee, and mugs, hiding them behind a sleek finish without compromising countertop space. 

Wastebaskets were an early mover in the storage revolution, being integrated seamlessly with cabinets. Pull-out wastebaskets are easier to use and reduce clutter in your kitchen while providing odor control. No wonder they’re the most sought-after kitchen addition! 


Pull out wastebasket


Pull-out cutting boards made an appearance this decade, also saving countertop space. Cleverly placed right above the pull-out trash bin, it allows for easy disposal of waste. 


Whether or not you wear a black suit and fight crime, modern/hidden storage still feels cool and trendy while offering tons of utility.

Just like there is not enough time to do everything you want to do, there is never enough storage to hold all the items you need and love. 

Adding another room to help with storage is a bit drastic and unrealistic. Modern storage offers a modern solution to an old problem.

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