Differences Between Wet Bar vs Dry Bar

If you’re the type of individual who enjoys entertaining friends and family inside of your basement, adding a wet bar or a dry bar is a great way to expand the functionality of your basement. Since each type of bar serves its own unique purpose, it’s important to consider the advantages and benefits of both dry and wet bars respectively. Our team at TR Design Build has assembled this helpful guide that can help you decide exactly which type of home bar makes the most sense for your basement individual needs. Let’s take a closer look!

Home Bar Mixed Drinks

What is a Wet Bar or Dry Bar?

If you’re not familiar with the subject, you might think that all home bars are created equal. Sure, a home bar is a useful space for your friends and family to gather, relax, and unwind while they enjoy some of their favorite beverages. However, it’s important to consider your basement layout, its intended location, and exactly how much functionality you’d like your bar to have before settling on a particular type.

Dry Bar — As the name suggests, a dry bar is a home bar that doesn’t contain any plumbing lines. They’re an excellent way to add functionality and usable storage space to your basement. You’re able to store bottles, glassware, and other bar equipment without cluttering up your kitchen.

Wet Bar — Wet bars offer a bit more usability compared to a dry bar. Since they’re equipped with plumbing, you won’t have to carry glasses all the way to the kitchen just to wash them in a sink. Similarly, you’re able to expand your mixing capabilities with a dedicated water supply. You’ll enjoy all of the same storage functionality of a dry bar with enhanced features thanks to dedicated plumbing lines.

Which Type of Home Bar is Best for Me?

Home Dry Bar

Dry Bars

  • Size — A great advantage of a dry bar is its more compact size. Due to their lack of a sink or plumbing lines, they take up less space than a wet bar and offer more flexibility when designing and installing. You won’t have to worry about running plumbing to its location.
  • Storage — Dry bars are perfect for storing a curated selection of glassware, entertaining equipment, and your favorite beverages. It saves space in the kitchen and eliminates back-and-forth trims when entertaining.
  • Cost — Installing a dry bar is typically cheaper than a wet bar due to the lack of a need for plumbing. You’ll be able to spend more on a custom design that suits your budget.
  • Lack of Plumbing — Since they lack a sink or plumbing, dry bars can force you to stick to a more limited drink menu. They can also make clean-up more time-consuming due to the need to leave the bar area when washing glasses or dishes.
  • Not Suited for Large Gatherings — Their smaller size makes dry bars best for small groups of people. If you’re often hosting large parties, it might be a smart idea to consider upgrading to a wet bar.

Home Wet Bar

Wet Bars

  • Great for Large Groups — Hosting large groups of people at your next get-together is a breeze when you have a wet bar in your basement. You can prepare everyone’s favorite drinks with ease thanks to all of the handy storage that the bar provides. Mixers, tools, and glassware are never more than an arm’s reach away.
  • Effortless Cleanup — When the party’s over, clean-up is virtually effortless. Instead of carting used glasses upstairs to the kitchen, using the convenient sink or dishwasher means you can wash and store drinkware all in one spot.
  • Mix Like A Pro — Need room for a blender to make a specific cocktail? Want to have all of your tools all in one location? Ready to mix another round after cleaning up the first one? A wet bar makes all of this possible thanks to dedicated plumbing/electric and limitless customization options. You’ll be entertaining just like a professional.
  • Cost — Since you’ll likely need professional plumbing work when designing and installing your space, a wet bar usually comes at a higher price than a dry bar.
  • Location Requirements — Due to the need for access to plumbing, you may find yourself limited to exactly where in your basement you can install a wet bar.
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