Home Additions

“Home” is more than your house. It’s your neighbors, your kid’s school, your friends and family, so if you need more space for your growing family, more room for your hobbies, or you’re looking to transform the layout of your home – a home addition is an exciting project that can revitalize your existing living space. However, a home addition project requires careful planning and expertise to properly execute it and TR Design Build can do just that! We’re experienced with home addition projects and can help you every step of the way – from idea to design to reality.

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    Home Addition Options:

    Consider one of these popular options that can add beauty and functionality to your home.

    First Floor Home Additions

    Considering an addition to your home’s first floor? First floor home additions provide virtually limitless options for expanding your home and providing what it currently lacks. It’s an excellent opportunity to expand a cramped kitchen, add a larger family room for entertaining, or even an in-law suite for a family member that needs to avoid stairs. Like new construction, most first floor additions require a basement, crawl space, or a pad to serve as the foundation for the addition. Based on your needs and the scope of your project, TR Design Build can coordinate the planning and design a first-floor solution that’s perfect for your lifestyle.
    First Floor Home Additions

    Second Floor Additions

    Perfect solution with an expansion over your attached garage, a dormer bump-out, or even adding an entire new floor to your house. Our team can coordinate the structural and foundation requirements depending on the location and scale of the addition, letting you focus more of your time on designing a space that’s right for your family. We’ll also consider other key factors like integrating a staircase to connect both levels, how the existing roofline will be incorporated, and other important details that are easy to overlook.

    Second Floor Additions

    Multi-Story Home Additions

    Sometimes referred to as adding a new “wing” to your home, multi-story home additions involve adding a first- and second-floor addition simultaneously. These large-scale projects can double or even triple the size of your home, and due to their size, require additional planning and consideration to properly design and build. Multi-story additions are an excellent way to revitalize your home and get the space you’re searching for without having to move. TR Design Build can help you weigh your options and provide a multi-story addition that your head and heart (budget too!) can agree on.
    Multi-Story Home Additions

    Attic Home Additions

    Attic home additions are cost-effective ways to add space and versatility to an otherwise forgotten space in your home. Along with expanding, attic additions are a great opportunity to finish the space to create an extra bedroom, home office, or kid’s playroom. Our team can also add insulation and add heating and cooling options so everyone can stay comfortable year-round. The spare bedroom or living area you’ve always dreamed of adding to your home might already be there – make it reality with an attic home addition from TR Design Build.
    Attic Home Additions

    Reasons to Consider a Home Addition Project with TR Design Build

    • Add living space to your home
    • Accommodate your growing family
    • Create a personalized space for your home office or hobbies
    • Increase your home’s existing value
    • Expand an older home
    • Add an in-home rental space
    • Host larger get-togethers and parties
    • Boost the versatility of your home with flexible spaces

    Why Choose TR Design Build for Your Home Addition Remodeling Project?

    Home additions come in many different versions - first floor additions, second floor additions, multi-story additions, and attic additions – and TR Design Build is experienced with each type so we can help you turn your dreams of more space into…more space!