Essential Basement Remodeling Ideas

Since we last spoke The University of Southern California announced free tuition for families earning under $80k a year, saying “homeownership will no longer factor into its calculations to determine a student’s financial need”. Yesterday South Korea reported their first coronavirus-related death. Today in physics: Scientist report “flaring object in space may be two supermassive […]

p-trap with hand gripping it

Why is It Shaped Like That?

Most, if not all of us, have peeked under our sink only to find some funky looking pipes. You might’ve wondered “why can’t it be a simple design, why does it have to bend like that”? (Ok maybe you might not have wondered that). But chances are this is what you saw under your sink. […]

Robertson Screwdriver

Screw That

Even though Canada sits directly atop of the US geographically, the two countries have a lot of differences considering how close they are. If you visit our neighbors up north, you will notice they have free healthcare, waterproof money, and milk bags, NOT cartons (look it up if you don’t believe us). Unless you have […]