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Still have questions? Listed below are some of the most common questions that we’re asked at TR Design Build. No matter if you’d like more information about the services we provide, what you can expect during a remodel, or simply want to know more about our company, our team is ready to answer your questions and provide you all the information you need. We look forward to serving you!

What can I expect from TR Design Build during a remodel?

  • From start to finish, TR Design Build is committed to a smooth, stress-free remodeling experience. If you’re curious about what’s involved and the individual steps of the remodeling process, click here to view our remodeling process guide.

Are your estimates free?

  • Our assessments and estimates are free for all projects, rules subject to change for investors.

How much will my project cost?

  • The cost of a home remodeling project can vary widely depending on the scope of the project and the materials used. TR Design Build works closely with clients during the sales process and offers a very tailored and transparent pricing approach. Scope components are broken down, cost drivers outlined, add-ons are listed and historic data on cosmetic materials are broken down, allowing homeowners to make their own decisions by creating their own scope and budget while understanding cost drivers.
  • We recommend that they start by determining what they can realistically afford to spend. We will work within the budget to create a detailed plan that considers their design goals. We also recommend that homeowners build in a buffer of around 10% to 20% of the total cost to account for unexpected expenses that may arise during the project.
  • It’s important for homeowners to remember that the cheapest option isn’t always the best option when it comes to home remodeling. Investing in quality materials and skilled labor can help ensure that the project is completed to a high standard and will last for many years to come.

When will my project begin?

  • The biggest determinant of the start date is the time of your inquiry because we work on a first come first served basis. If someone in line before you cancels or postpones their remodel, you will move up in line.
  • Holidays also can influence your start date.
  • Complexity is another factor. More complex projects take longer to plan.
  • Material sourcing can play a role as well. Certain materials such as custom vanities, certain types of tiles, and specialized types of flooring take longer to source as they are not readily available at local hardware stores.

How do I choose materials?

  • If you require further assistance, TR Design Build will be more than happy to assist you with your purchases. We can recommend to you the best brands for your budget, tell you important features to look for in your product, or even send over a few selections.
  • TR Design Build has found that projects are the smoothest when we work together with homeowners to select materials.

Who’s in charge of materials?

  • Homeowners choose the materials, but TR Design Build will purchase the materials on their behalf (which will be reflected on the estimate). Regarding material delivery, TR Design Build can deliver the materials at no additional cost.

I’ve welcomed unpleasant contractors in my home in the past. What are your employees like?

  • Our company prides itself on our professionalism and integrity; our employees deeply reflect these values. Our employees have often been described as a “pleasure to have in our home” by previous clients.

How do you handle communication?

  • You can expect direct communication with your specific project specialist and project manager daily, from the initial contact to the project’s finish.

Do you offer interior design services?

  • Yes, we do! The professionals at TR Design Build are happy to help with the design and layout of your project at no extra charge.

Do you use subcontractors?

  • We do not use subcontractors for remodeling work. Specialty work, such as electric, plumbing, and HVAC are outsourced by TR Design Build. We use a very reliable and professional network of experienced vendors for these specialty trades.

What type of insurance do you carry?

  • TR Design Build carries all necessary and recommended insurance for Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations.

Will there be a big mess during our project?

  • Prior to the final product, the jobsite will get messy and dusty. Our team understands this, and we take multiple precautions to ensure the cleanest environment possible.
  • TR Design Build respects your home and its contents by quarantining our work area, laying down clean tarps to walk on, and by cleaning/disinfecting the work area and walkways daily. We also utilize a commercial air scrubber, equipped with a HEPA filter, to mitigate the spread of construction debris.

What are the most popular types of home remodeling projects homeowners undertake?

  • First-floor remodels, kitchen remodels, and bathroom renovations are popular because these are rooms that are used daily and often show signs of wear and tear over time. Homeowners want these spaces to be functional, up-to-date, and aesthetically pleasing. Basement finishing is also popular because it’s a way to add livable space to a home without the cost of a full addition. Finally, home additions are popular for homeowners who want more space for their families or for entertaining.
  • Ultimately, the popularity of each type of home remodeling project will depend on the homeowner’s unique needs and preferences. As a company, we work with each client to understand their vision and create a plan that meets their specific goals. We provide a very tailored and transparent sales process where the entire project is broken down to allow the homeowner to make their own scope and budget decisions. All layout and material design is worked on during the pre-construction phase.

How can homeowners find reputable home remodeling companies for their remodeling projects, and what questions should they ask before hiring one?

  • To find a reputable contractor, homeowners can start by asking for referrals from people they trust, checking online reviews, and scheduling a consultation to discuss their project. During the consultation, they should ask about the contractor’s experience, approach to project management and communication, and references from previous customers. It’s also important to make sure the contractor is licensed and insured, and that they provide a detailed contract for the project.

What are some key design considerations for home remodeling projects and how can homeowners ensure they get the look and functionality they want?

  • Key design considerations for home remodeling projects include functionality, aesthetics, and the overall feel of the space. Homeowners should identify their priorities for the space and work with their remodeling company to develop a clear vision and plan for the project.
  • Communication and collaboration between the homeowner and the builder are essential to a successful remodeling project. By working together to develop a clear vision and plan for the project, homeowners can ensure they get the look and functionality they want, while also staying within their budget and timeline.

What are some common mistakes homeowners make when undertaking a home remodeling project, and how can they avoid them?

  • Common mistakes homeowners make when undertaking a home remodeling project include underestimating the cost, not having a clear plan, choosing the cheapest option, and not hiring a qualified builder. To avoid these mistakes, homeowners should develop a clear plan and budget for the project, research remodeling companies and get referrals from trusted sources, and hire a licensed and insured builder with a proven track record.

How can homeowners maximize the value of their home through remodeling project?

  • To maximize the value of their home through remodeling projects, homeowners should focus on upgrades that have broad appeal and can increase the home’s functionality and energy efficiency. 1st-floor remodels, kitchen remodels, and bathroom renovations are popular and can have a significant impact on a home’s value, as can adding a deck or patio to increase livable space. Basement remodels are also a great way to add livable space to the home and go a long way to adding home value.

How can Homeowners incorporate more eco-friendly options when remodeling their homes?

  • There are many eco-friendly options for home remodeling projects, including using sustainable materials like bamboo or cork flooring, recycled glass or concrete countertops, and low-VOC paint. Homeowners can also incorporate energy-efficient appliances, LED lighting, and low-flow plumbing fixtures to reduce their home’s environmental impact and save on utility bills.

What are some benefits of smart home features?

  • Smart home features can help reduce energy consumption and save on utility bills, as well as increase convenience and comfort by allowing homeowners to control various aspects of their home through a mobile device or voice command. Additionally, incorporating these features can make a home more appealing to potential buyers, as many homebuyers are now looking for homes that are equipped with the latest technology.

What are some financing options available to homeowners for their home remodeling projects?

  • There are several financing options available to homeowners for their home remodeling projects, including home equity loans, personal loans, and credit cards. Home equity loans are a common choice because they typically offer lower interest rates than personal loans or credit cards. However, they require the homeowner to use their home as collateral, which means they could risk losing their home if they’re unable to make payments.
  • Personal loans and credit cards are another option, but they often come with higher interest rates than home equity loans. Additionally, using credit cards to finance a remodeling project can quickly lead to high levels of debt if the homeowner is unable to pay off the balance in full each month. Ultimately, the best financing option for a remodeling project will depend on the homeowner’s financial situation, credit score, and goals for the project. Homeowners should carefully consider their options and work with a financial advisor or lender to find the best solution for their needs.

How can homeowners ensure that their home remodeling project stays within budget, and what are some strategies for managing unexpected costs?

  • To ensure that their home remodeling project stays within budget, homeowners should start by developing a clear budget and plan for the project, including a contingency fund of around 10% to 20% of the total project cost to account for unexpected expenses. They should also research and select a remodeling company that has experience with projects of a similar scope and budget, and work with them to develop a detailed estimate and timeline for the project.
  • During the project, homeowners should stay actively involved in the process, including reviewing and approving all change orders and ensuring that work is progressing according to the agreed-upon timeline. TR Design Build utilizes project management software to streamline this process. Homeowners have their own portal where they can message all team members, track project progress, view project schedule and budgets, and view and approve change orders.

How can homeowners prepare their homes and themselves for a remodeling project?

  • To prepare their home and themselves for a remodeling project, homeowners should start by understanding their detailed plan and timeline for the project which is provided by their remodeling company. They should also identify a designated workspace for the remodeling company and any necessary equipment and supplies. Homeowners should also clear the work area of any furniture or personal items that could be damaged or in the way during the project.

What are some key legal considerations for home remodeling projects, such as permits and insurance?

  • TR Design Build will determine which permits are required for their project and obtain them prior to beginning any work. They should also ensure that their remodeling company is properly licensed and insured to protect against any accidents or damage that may occur during the project.

How long does a typical home remodeling project take?

  • If you’re planning a minor renovation, such as updating a bathroom or replacing flooring, you can expect it to take several weeks to complete. A major renovation, such as a kitchen remodel or a room addition, may take several months to complete. By considering the size and complexity of the project, the availability of materials, and potential unexpected delays, you can set realistic expectations and ensure an accurate estimate. Your home remodeling company should provide a timeline for the project.

How can homeowners ensure that their home remodeling project meets local building codes and regulations?

  • TR Design Build will pull any and all necessary permits for their project. Generally, your remodeling company/builder will have all of this information and it will be broken down during the pre-construction phase.

What are some common challenges that homeowners may face during a home remodeling project?

  • Homeowners may face several common challenges during a home remodeling project, including unexpected expenses, delays, and changes to the project scope. Unforeseen issues, such as hidden damage or structural problems, can also arise during the project, leading to additional time and expense.
  • Additionally, homeowners may face challenges related to living arrangements and disruptions to their daily routines. During a major remodeling project, homeowners may need to temporarily relocate or adjust their schedules to accommodate the work being done.
  • To address these challenges, homeowners should select a remodeling company that has experience working with extensive remodeling projects and maintain open communication throughout the project. This is where the pre-construction process comes into play as it has an integral role in the outcome and success of the project. Pre-construction is all about project planning, project schedule and timeline, permits, layout design, cosmetic material design, and sourcing. Homeowners should also stay flexible and be willing to make adjustments to their plans or budget if unexpected issues or delays arise.

What are some projects that typically provide the highest ROI?

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